3 Rolls 6″ x 50′ RV. Home Repair. roof Repair. Commercial Grade White Repair Tape B01C7LKCC0


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Roof BITE tapes were designed by PARR Technologies as a one part solution for roof repairs, seaming, flashing, cover, RV repairs and general waterproofing applications. 35 MILS THICK . Same thickness of tape and membrane as Eternabond, but with a better and MORE advanced microsealant. Works on WET SURFACES, NO PRIMER NECESSARY! This innovative line of products were designed for both commercial and residential roofing applications as a single step solution for long term success. Unlike competitors’ materials, PARR’s adhesive will not oxidize over time, crack or harden. It is a flexible seal that will adjust with the natural movements of your roofing and building system. A light mineral spirit can be used to ensure a contaminant free surface. Freight Class 55 “non-hazard”. Shelf Life 5 Years Color Adhesive – Gray (will not stain surfaces.) STEP 1: Surface must be clean and dry, moisture, dust, dirt and other foreign matter should be removed before use of project. STEP 2: Cut to length. STEP 3: Remove release liner. STEP 4: Apply using even pressure across the width of the product forcing bond between surfaces. STEP 5: Smooth out all air bubbles.