Roof Training Program

Roof Construction Training Program

Our Roofing Expertise is Unparalleled in the Roofing Industry !! We Can Save You Thousands of dollars with our Efficient Supervision and Consulting of Your Roofing Installation. We Offer Materials, On-site Training, and General Consulting Services, All of Which Are Available Worldwide. Call or Email Us to See If We Can Save You Time And Money on Your Next Project.

Our Technicians Have Installed Roofs for the Department of Defense, the United States Navy, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Amoco Oil, the Federal Aviation Administration, Levi Jeans, Vanity Fair and Many Other Commercial & Industrial Clients. We charge a 3 to 4 day minimum training, consulting and roof installation fee plus expenses to save you $$$$$ on your roof installation. Call us to discuss this minimum installation and training fee schedule.

Here is 1 example of our cost cutting Roofing work

September 2007 54,000 Sq.ft. EPDM Rubber Roof Area. Fully Adhered and Ballasted. We Supplied the Rubber Roof EPDM Materials and 4 Days of Training. Using Local Roofing Labor And Our Technician, the Building Owner Realized a Savings of Over $75,000.00!

Our Roof Training Program includes:

Minimum 4 days technician assisted roof site installation training and project supervision including job management. Fee assessed.

10% discount on EPDM and accessories from our retail product line for one year.

One full year of FREE technical support for your roof install including Video and Printed Instructional Tools

Inspection of Your Roofing System for Quality Assurance

On-site Supervision by Our Technicians to Ensure a Quality Installation

Over 40 Years Experience Installing Roofs of Every Type

Roofing Design and Layout Best Suited to Your Building

You are allowed one after job completion inspection to help insure the quality of your roof system. $295.00 Inspection fee and travel expenses assessed.

epdm materials & Training

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